What are the pros and cons to both vinyl windows and wood windows? Vinyl windows are normally less expensive than wood windows. Vinyl windows can be less susceptible to water, moisture and ultraviolet damage. However, many like the feel and warmth look of a quality built wood window. A quality wood window, most often comes at a higher price tag. Most wood windows now-days are a combination of vinyl cladding. This window has the exterior wrapped or covered with vinyl and the inside is bare wood to be finished as desired. These windows are a hybrid that requires less exterior maintenance with the options of interior finish.   The key to any quality window are the ratings. Be sure to check the U-value, R-value and low E coatings.  

Vinyl Windows   
  • No painting or staining required
  • Less problems with moisture or condensation damage 
  • Cost effective 
  • Works well with painted trim 
  • Less maintenance  

Wood/Wood Cladding   
  • Paint or stain desired colors 
  • Warm feel 
  • Normally higher quality 
  • Richer look
  • Susceptible to sun or moisture damage
  • Painting or staining maintance      

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