Even a first time DIYer can install an exterior door, just do a little research to make sure your completing the installation
correctly. There is more to exterior door installation than just having a door that operates nicely.

Things you'll need:

Sill protection
Caulking and gun
Trim screws or nails
Building Tape
Drip Cap
EZ-Hang Door brackets

See how level the floor is by laying a level on the floor across the door opening. You may need to shim up one side of the door if it is not perfectly level. Next install sill protection on the floor where the door sits. There are many of these products on the market that do a good job of keeping air and water from getting under the
door sill. Just pick one that fits your installation and budget. The old days of just running a couple beads of caulk under the door and calling it good are gone.
Relying on just caulking isn't a good idea, as caulking breaks down over time.

Prepare the exterior house wrap by cutting small angle cuts in the top.This allows you to place drip cap on top of the door and under the house wrap.
Caulk the outside perimeter of the rough opening before setting the door.

Set the door using instructions recommended by the manufacturer. Let the house wrap down over the drip cap and place caulking in the corners of
the angle cuts. Place adhesive building tape over the cuts. Be sure to caulk where the jamb meets the sill and where the jamb meets the brick moulding.
These areas often get overlooked and if completed will increase the life span of the door jambs.

Tips & Warnings

·        Always use a long screw through the top hinge into the wall studs. This will keep the door from sagging
over time.

·        Use two people when handling exterior doors as they can be very heavy.


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