Watch this instructional video of a 6' sliding glass patio door installation. Installing a vinyl slider in a 6 inch wall with factory applied vinyl extension jambs is a breeze. Use the EZ-HANG brackets to eliminate shimming and nailing through the pre-finished vinyl extension jambs applied to the sliding door. You will have a clean smooth jamb without needing to fill ugly nail heads. Save time on painting and pre-filling nail head. You will have a straighter, stronger installation with less time and money.

Order your door with the extension jambs pre-applied to fit the wall you will be installing the slider. This will make the installation much simpler and easier to trim. Even if you don't get the extension jambs pre-installed, You can still use the EZ-Hang brackets to add the extension jamb to the door and wall.

You will also learn how to level the sill, plumb the jambs and double check the door is square. A quality installation can be simple with when you know all the steps and tricks of the trade.

Customer Testimonial

"Just to let you know we love the product and will be putting in another door.  This is one thing my husband has not done very well, hanging a door, and now you've made it a joy! Thank you Randy for the quick email reply and service with sending me an extra hanger for the sliding door.  My husband loved the concept and easy steps. Best to you and your company and American made -- Yes!!!"
Barb Y.

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