My first door installation...

We are first time door hangers.  With the EZHANGDOOR it was so easy.  Just need to follow the directions.  Had twelve doors to hang and  heard horror stories about hanging doors.  It was very easy.  Thank you!


Tools Needed For An EZ-HANG™ Installation

Step One:
Using a level, draw a vertical plumb line on the drywall 1/2" in form the rough opening.  This line must be on the hinge side and in the room the door swings into.
Step 2: Screw brackets to back of door frame using the 1/2" screws provided. Install brackets below each hinge and even with the edge of the door frame. Repeat on the knob side of the door, starting 12" down from the top, 2" above the latch hole and 6-8" up from the bottom. The final bracket is recommended for the top, on doors 30" and wider. The door is now ready to insert in the rough opening.
Step Three: Starting at the top hinge, match up one of the lines the bracket with the level line drawn in step one. Screw door to the wall using the drywall screws provided. Work your way down the hinge side of the door, making sure to use the same line for each of the 3 hinge brackets. Next, check the clearance between the frame and the door on the top and knob side. Take care to make sure they are equal. Starting at the top again, continue working your way down the door. Keep the clearance between the frame and door equal, as you screw the door to the wall with the drywall screws.

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