Want an extra, extra strong interior door installation.  Watch this video to see how you can attach EZ-Hang™ brackets to both the inside and outside of an interior door. This is a Premium EZ-Hang Door Installation. While it is not necessary to install brackets on both inside and outside of the door, we have had some ask for a way to do this.
Check out our latest patent pending bracket and see how this can be accomplished.  Attach seven brackets to the hinge side, or the side of room the door will swing into, as you would in a normal EZ-HANG™ door installation. Now you just need to attach seven more brackets to the outside of the door jamb. Slightly loosen the screws and remove the outside brackets so you can insert the door in the opening. Complete the door installation as normal. Open the door and re-install 7 more EZ-HANG™ brackets to the outside of the door. Finish screwing the door to the wall. You now have both the interior and exterior sides of the door securely attached to the wall.

Please note, using brackets on both the inside and outside are NOT required. Brackets on a single side of the door will perform and function properly. This Premium EZ-HANG™ Installation is designed for people wanting to go the extra mile when completing their door installation. We also recommend viewing our Interior Door Installation Instructions.

If you desire a Premium EZ-Hang™ Door Installation you will need to double the number of doors you will be ordering. This will allow enough brackets for installing on both the inside and outside of the interior door.

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