Do you sometimes wonder why one door installation goes better than another? The biggest reason is how well the rough opening is prepared. Let me show you how to get plumb, level and square rough openings. This is really a critical step that sometimes gets overlooked. It is best to spend some time before you install a door for a trouble free installation.

After framing for a new door opening, and before drywall is installed, check the opening for plumb with your level. Do this by resting the level against the jack stud on the inside part of the framed opening. If it is not exactly plumb use a small sledge hammer and strike the jack stud until your level reads perfectly plumb. Complete this on both the left and right sides of the rough opening.

Next, take two 8d nails and toenail through the jack stud and into the bottom plate. Using a reciprocating saw remove the bottom plate from the framed opening. Take two move 8d nails and toenail the bottom plate to the subfloor. Be sure to check the wall itself for plumb at this point also. Toenailing the bottom plate will help keep your framing attached solidly to floor. I know using a sledge hammer seems harsh, however this is a great tip that eliminates too narrow or over sized rough openings due to mis-framing. You will end up with even gaps between the door jamb and the wall framing; which will lead to trouble free door installations.

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