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"The product was great and even in the hands of this newbie, I was able to hang 6 doors in just a few hours."
J Dushin

This step by step instructional video is an actual pre hung door installation. EZ-Hang™ was invented by a contractor with 25 years of construction experience, that's a quarter of a century of installing thousands of doors! Over the years he tried and perfected a system that allows someone of any skill level to hang a door with the precision of a true craftsman. As for builders and contractors, they now can install doors faster, easier and with higher quality, all translating into time saved and money earned.


No need to fiddle with wood shims, just attached the EZ-Hang™ brackets to the back of your interior or exterior door and windows! This will allow easy adjustments and the ability to achieve a perfect fit every time!


Our Door Kits will come with all the brackets, instructions and fasteners you'll need for an elite installation system surpassed by none. EZ-Hang™ has a unique seven bracket, best method for installing your doors. This system will give you a long lasting, trouble free installation that will last a life-time. You can install a double or french door with a single door kit.

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