When installing vinyl or other windows, you may need to add a jamb extension. This is particularly difficult in older homes that have thicker walls or newer homes when the extension jambs do not come pre-applied.  So what is an extension jamb,  this is simply adding a small piece of wood in order to make the window the same depth as your wall thickness. I have done this for years using shims and I must tell you, WHAT A PAIN. Here is a secret to making this EZ!!!


EZ-HANG™ turns this troublesome task and turns it into a relatively simple process. So if you install windows and your window is not the same depth as the wall, look at these instructions for a simple method of installing extension jambs.





Step 1:

Measure the depth from your window to the inner edge of your finish wall material.

Step 2:

Rip down the jamb material to your needed dimension and cut to length. It's best to over-lap the top with the side pieces instead of miter them. This gives you an easy way to fasten them together.




Step 3:

Now you're ready to install the EZ-HANG™ brackets. Lay the cut pieces on a flat surface and attach them to the un-finished or the side towards the wall and the attachment flange facing the outer edge. Space them about every 2 to 2 -1/2 feet apart on each of the four jamb extensions.




Step 4:

Lay the jambs on the floor in the order they will go on the window, making a "box" of sorts. Now screw or nail the jambs together. Notice the brackets are close to the corners.




Step 5:

Set the "box" in the rough framing hole and simply fasten it to the wall.  We recommend evenly spacing the jamb around the window for best appearance. EZ-HANG™ once again makes it sooo easy to adjust and make your reveals perfect!!




Step 6:

Add Door and Window Low Expansion Spray foam for insulation. NOTE***ONLY USE Door And Window foam or stuff with fiberglass insulation.




Step 7:

Finish by applying desired trim over the EZ-HANG™ brackets and jambs.




Tools and Materials Needed:

  • 1" thick boards for jamb material
  • Table saw
  • Miter Box
  • Trim gun or finish nails
  • Screws and screwgun
  • Insulation
  • Trim
  • EZ-Hang™ Brackets



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