Installing French Doors Made Quick and Easy

French Doors or double doors have always required a little more carpentry skill than a single door. After all, you need to plumb two hinge sides, keep the door clearances equal at the top, and between both operating doors. One tip is to be sure and space the jambs off the floor (do this if the finished floor is not already installed). See our tip for installing a door with finish floor.

First, take care your door frame is level; remember level is horizontal. You can check this by inserting the door in the opening and setting a level on the top of the door frame or by leveling the floor itself.

The use of EZ-Hang™ door installation brackets has taken this once skilled task and simplified it. Using shims always created the problem of adjustability. Once the nails and shims were in place, it's tough to adjust the door frame without removing nails or damaging the jambs.

The secret to a great looking french door installation is to have a perfect even gap or reveal on the top of the doors and a perfect gap between the doors. This really is quite easily accomplished when using EZ-Hang™ door installation brackets. Draw a plumb line on both side of the door instead of just one for a single door. This will keep both doors plumb and square.

Make small adjustments, using the slotted adjustment holes located in the face of the EZ-Hang™ brackets. You will now be able to enjoy a great looking and perfect operating french door for years to come.

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