Which should you use for closet doors? Have you ever been frustrated with a bifold or sliding door coming off the track? Another option to installing bifold doors is to use double swinging doors instead.

A bifold is actually a single door that is split vertical down the middle and hinged together.  Depending on the width, a typical bifold door opening would actually consist of four separate doors.

Bifolds work great in areas that have space constraints. When a bifold is open it only protrudes less than half the width of the door itself. This is great in an area such as a door in a hallway, where a full door when opened would make it difficult to pass by. You will see bifolds used in small laundry areas and predominately in bedroom closet doors. 

These doors have a track at the top, and guide pins on the top and bottom. 

  • Adjustment of the doors can be tricky and can take some time to get  the clearances correct.
  • While this style of door does not protrude into the room as far as a swinging door; they do somewhat narrow the opening of the closet. The two doors need to fold against each other, so you will lose about 3 inches off the width of the opening once the doors are open.
An alternative to using bifolds is to install double doors in their place. In bedrooms, this usually isn’t a problem.  Just be sure to know the layout of the room as you will need the full width of the door to open. The biggest advantage to double doors is they will need less adjustment and have less hardware to maintain. The only operating parts on a double swinging door are the hinges and the knob.

Double doors install much like a single swinging door. Once installed you should have years of trouble free operation.

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