French door installation doesn't need to be difficult. The first step in learning how to install double doors is getting both doors level off the floor. A good tip (which applies to any interior door installation) is to space the bottom of the jambs off the floor. This will allow you to make adjustment in the heights of the doors in relationship to each other. This principle applies to french doors or even double closet doors.
Once you have one door level, plumbed and squared to the jamb, it's just a matter of raising or lowering the next door to fit the first. This door installation process is simplified when using the very adjustable EZ-Hang brackets. Watch this video and see just how easy a french or double door install can be. You will get perfect door clearance and gaps between the doors.

"These things ROCK!!! Overall install on 4 doors only took us about 30 minutes. The brackets were easy to attach that made everything simple and quick! Thank you soo much for making my life easier and the pain of hanging doors a thing of the past!"
Joehdi and Michael Kyle

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