Installing a Window Using EZ-HANG™

Window Installation can be EZ too! EZ-Hang™ isn't just for installing doors.


When you install your windows using EZ-Hang™ you'll get a strong easy, trouble free and energy efficient window installation. Watch the video to see how to install a window for years of trouble free operation.


There are many things to consider when installing windows. Here are a few tips:

  • Caulk the Rough Opening prior to setting the window
  • Check unit for level on the sill
  • Check sides for plumb (vertical)
  • Measure diagonally for square

EZ-Hang™ can be used during the rough framing or when drywall has already been installed. In this video you will see a window with a pre-attached vinyl extension jamb get installed. Use EZ-Hang™ on any window that is the full wall depth. Or you can use them to install your window extension jambs.


No need for screws or nailing through the window jambs or extension when you use the EZ-Hang™ Bracket System. Get a clean looking window installation with NO nails to fill or screws exposed!




For a medium sized window order a single exterior door kit. For a large window order 2 single exterior door kits.


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