Have you ever had the experience of a screw in a hinge that just won't stay tightened and is alway loose. The problem is the screw is stripped and the hole is now too big. An option would be to use a bigger or longer screw. This would be fine as long as the new screw matches the old ones. A few other fixes come in handy, and most of the time they are completed with something you are sure to have on hand.

First remove the loose screw from the hinge. Here are a few things that can be inserted into the hole to make a new hole with:

  • Use a golf tee, add wood glue to the tip and side before tapping it in the hole with a hammer.Let the glue dry and cut it flush with the wood using a coping saw or wood chisel.
  • Use the end of a match stick, add wood glue to the tip and side and tap it in. Since the match stick is most likely made of pine you should be able to cut it flush with a utility knife.Score it and snap it off. You may want to strike it first and let it burn off before using it. Don't burn down the house fixing a door hinge. That would be a bummer..
  • If your hole is small- use toothpicks. Add the glue shove them in and let it dry. Cut them off with a utility knife, chisel or coping saw.

  Replace your screw and you will have a good as new wood. This tip will also work for other types of stripped holes like door latches and cabinet hinges.

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