What if my door rubs on the flooring?

Bottom of hollow core doorYou will need to cut the bottom of the door.  If the door rubs for too long on the carpet it can cause the fibers to break down and leave a permanent swing mark. Measure down from the bottom hinge to determine how much you need to trim. Don't over-estimate how much you need to trim. You can always re-cut the door; but you can't add back what you have already cut off. Remove the pins from the hinges and set the door on padded or covered sawhorses.


  1. Tape the bottom of the door where you will be cutting to minimize chipping.
  2. You can also tape the bottom of the circular saw to protect the door when cutting.
  3. The most important part is to be sure you have a fine toothed sharp blade. 
  4. You can clamp a straight edge to your door to keep your cut straight. 
  5. Cut the door with a circular saw.
  6. Lightly sand the edges where you cut.
  7. Apply finish to the bottom of the door (paint or clearcoat) to protect the door and reduce warping.


 Insert cut off back into door bottom

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