Homeowners: Tacking Tough Home Improvement Projects

Today’s economic climate is putting many homeowners in the position of completing home repairs, remodeling and even building their own homes.

While not having the extra money to pay contractors to complete those much needed home updates; there are ways to get professional results on at least one project- door installations. People don’t want to sacrifice quality, so they are turning to the web for their home improvement knowledge.

EZ-Hang™, the easiest and most cost effective way to install a door. This system allows one person to easily hang a door, in less time than using wood shims.  Using wood shims to install a door has been a common practice for many years, and it does work.  Isn’t there an easier way to hang a door? We are still using a 9000-year-old caveman invention - wedges. It sounds a little outdated when it’s put this way.

Homeowners, builders and even rookie do it yourselfers can use EZ-Hang™.  More and more female enthusiast are jumping in. “I have been told by others (men), how hard it was to hang a door and a real challenge to do it by yourself… Job made really easy and fun with EZ-Hang™ door brackets,” said Theresa Rohn. 

Contractors and builders are constantly looking for ways to increase productivity and quality. EZ-Hang™ is very useful in accomplishing this. “The EZ-HANG brackets have more than tripled or door installation production. I would recommend this door installation system to not only contractors but to homeowners doing small projects”, said Brad VanBergen-President, Winberg Construction.

You can simply attach EZ-Hang™ to the back of the doorframe. The door is then slid into the opening and plumbed, leveled and squared from there.  No removing the door from the jamb, no need to insert wood shims from both sides of the door.

Hanging an interior door used to be a task reserved for the best of best.  Many have tried, few succeed; sure, anyone can get a door slapped up in the opening and maybe even get it to close, occasionally.  It’s not easy to get perfect door clearances, perfect swinging, perfect fitting doors and have the know-how to do this quickly, efficiently and accurately. That takes years of practice. Right? Not anymore.

Homeowner’s fears of door hanging can finally be put to rest. The EZ-Hang™ system gives even a novice homeowner the skill needed to complete their new door installation with perfection. They can even use it to hang French doors, double doors, and bedroom doors, all done quickly and accurately.
As for contractors and builders, the time savings from using EZ-Hang™ compared to wood shims equates into dollars – dollars saved and money made. Builders are more than tripling their door installation production.  Plus, they’re able to increase quality and avoid customer callbacks for adjustments.

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