With the door closed, use a nail to insert under the hinge pins and tap up on the bottom of the pins until they are raised about half way. Using a small oil can and holding a rag under the hinge to catch any spilled oil, squirt a few drops of oil on the raised hinge pin. Open and close the door a few times to work the oil into the pin and hinge. Repeat this on all the hinges or until the squeak has stopped.

Use a rag to wipe any excess oil from the hinge. You should now be able to enjoy a nice quietly swinging door.

Tip: With the door in a closed position you can completely remove the pins one at a time and wipe them down and apply the oil. This also makes it possible to take them outside and use a spray lubricant if desired. 

Tip: most any kind of oil will work...even vegetable oil. Visit our blog to see more tips.

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