First, let me start by saying, most fire doors are required in commercial construction. The only required Fire Resistant Door per the IRC in single family dwellings in the door leading from the garage into the house. This door is required to have a fire resistance of 20 minutes. When purchasing a door for this purpose you will need to verify from the retailer the rating on the door. While most fire doors are steel, in this residential application, the IRC allows for a solid wood door of not less than 1-3/8" thickness as an acceptable alternative.


Fire walls and doors in commercial construction need  to be rated and tested. The wall itself also needs what is called a UL listing stating how the wall needs to be constructed and what the fastening methods and materials are.


So what about that door leading from the garage into the house? Actually the installation of that door is not really any different than installing a regular exterior door. The methods and materials are also much the same. See how to install an exterior door in this video.


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More Tips:

  1. Codes Do not allow the required exit door to lead through the garage. You must have a code compliant exit door.
  2. NO glass in the door between the house and garage unless it is a fire rated glass.
  3. Code also requires a drywall separation between the garage and the house common wall and attic space.




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