Can EZ -HANG™ be used with solid core doors?

EZ-HANG™ can be used with both solid core and hollow core doors. It is highly recommended to use a 2-1/2" screw through the top hinge on solid core doors.

Does EZ-Hang Perform Well On Exterior Doors?

Yes, enjoy the same EZ benefits, easy adjustment, fast installation times and strong trouble free exterior door installation. Our unique EZ-Hang Door Installation System works great when installing interior or exterior doors.

Does EZ-HANG™ work with double or french doors?

Absolutely, EZ-HANG™  not only works well installing french doors, but a must for perfectly aligned doors!

Will brackets work with composite or particle board jambs?

EZ-HANG™  brackets will work with all types of jambs. Wood, particle board and composite.

Do the measurements or placement of the brackets need to be exact?

No... placements are approximate measurements. You don't need to waste time measuring them.

Who can benefit from using EZ-HANG™?

Everyone. It does not matter if this is your first door or you have installed thousands. Who ever uses EZ -HANG™ will benefit from its ease and speed of installation.

Can EZ-HANG™ be used for openings that just have jambs and no door?

EZ-HANG™ can be used for window extension jambs, bi fold door jambs, or just a jambed opening with out a door.

How many brackets will I get per door?

You will receive 7 brackets and all screws necessary.  Three for the hinge side and three for the latch/knob side.  The extra seventh bracket is for the top of the door.  We recommend using it on all doors 30" and wider. 

Will a single door pack hang a double door?

It will hang up to a 5' double or french door.  Anything larger than that needs two brackets on the top head jamb

What if my doors are taller than the normal 6'-8"?

Doors with 4 hinges need to have a bracket below each hinge.  You will need 4 on the latch side also for the extra jamb length. So you will need 9 brackets for 8' tall doors.

Will the brackets interfere with my trim?

No.  The brackets fit flush with the edge of the door frame.  Almost all trim is slightly dadoed out on the back to allow for minor wall imperfections. Even if your trim is flat on the back our brackets will not interfere.

Where can I buy EZ-HANG™?

You can currently buy EZ-HANG™ on this website. We ship USPS priority and you should have your order in just 2-3 days! We also are a Do it Best and Pro-Build vendor.  EZ-HANG™ is available through any stocking Do it Best or Pro-Build store. Contact a store near your for availability.

How long will it take to get my installation kit?

Shipping orders is a priority.  We ship USPS priority mail and you should have them in 3-5 days.

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