Weatherstripping sticks to freshly painted doors. Knowing this in advance will allow you to plan ahead when installing your exterior door. The paint actually will take longer to dry than you think. Even if you wait 24 hours and if the paint feels dry to the touch; that isn't enough time. Full curing of the paint can take up to a few weeks. I know this seems like a long time but it's the best way to be assured the weathestripping won't stick. When it does, the paint will stick to the weatherstripping, and you will be left with missing patches of paint off the door. 

Usually the water based paints will dry faster than an oil base. However, it doesn't matter if you use oil or water based paints, as both will stick. Plan ahead and paint the door prior to installing it. Another option is to install the door and then remove the weatherstripping. Most new doors have a groove that is cut into the jamb that the weatherstripping is inserted into. Start at the top or bottom and pull it out of the groove. Lay it on a flat surface until the paint on the door is dry.

If you have a wooden jamb, painting them with the weatherstipping removed is much easier. You should never paint the weatherstipping itself.

Don't forget temperature and humidity play a major role in the dry time of paint. Paint does not dry well on humid days, even when it's warm. Check the manufactures recommendations for best temperatures for proper drying.

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