Simple Fix For A Door Closing On It's Own

Having a door that closes or swings open by itself can be very irritating. Although, it only requires a few minutes to fix. This is caused by the door being out of plumb, the door simply swings open or closed under it's own weight. The fix, apply some resistance in the hinges.

Start by closing the door. This will keep the weight of the door from binding on the other hinges.  Remove the top hinge pin and lay it on a concrete floor. Using a hammer, strike the pin in the middle, this will cause a slight bend in the pin. Simply tap the pin back into the hinge and test the door. If one pin does not cause enough resistance, you may need to repeat this process on the middle hinge. In extreme cases you may need to bend the bottom pin also.

Another solution is to wrap a few revolutions of masking tape around the pin instead of bending it. While this will work, over time you may need to re-apply the tape as it breaks down.

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