You have installed your new door, shimmed everything perfectly, or so you think, you close the door and it pops open just before it closes all the way. What causes this and what can you do to eliminate it?

This is a typical door installation problem. You are experiencing what is called hinge binding. This is happens when the hinge side of the jamb has a slight tow in towards the door. The hinges or the edge of the door are making contact with the jamb prior to the door completely being closed. In other words the jamb is not at a perfect 90 degree angle to the door and the door hits the jamb not allowing it to completely close. This is caused by over shimming the door jamb opposite the hinge side. If you have used shims you may need to cut them out and start over.

A benefit of using EZ-HANG™ is that hinge binding is next to impossible to have happen when installing new doors. The brackets keep the door at a 90 degree angle with the wall. This allows the jamb to fit perfectly with the door and hinges.

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