I have had many customers ask, which is better, and what's really the difference between a steel or fiberglass door? 

Let's start with the difference. The inner frame, which is usually made from wood, and the core, which is usually made from foam, are really quite the same on both steel and fiberglass doors. So the major difference is the outer skin of the door. A steel door has a layer of steel which makes up the exterior of the door. A fiberglass door has an outer skin made of fiberglass.

Steel doors paint very well and are really quite durable. The steel provides a good measure of security too.Fiberglass doors won't warp, dent, rust or crack. These doors can be purchased in woodgrain or smooth finish.They can also be stained to look much like wood doors. This is a major advantage over steel doors, the beauty of wood, without the maintenance! Usually you can order your door pre-stained to the color of your choice.

You normally pay more for a fiberglass door than a steel door. Depending on the look and quality you are looking for, it may be worth the extra costs.

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