Trimming a door is something that takes practice to get really good at. With a few contractor tips you will learn to trim a door with professional looking results.

  • The distance from the edge of the trim and the edge of the door frame is called the reveal. This distance is normally 1/8” to ¼”.  Anything larger than that just doesn’t look good.Cut the top door casing first,  you need to measure the inside of the door jambs and add distance for both sides of the overlap. So if the inside of the door frame measurement is 30” add ½”, this would be the short side of the miter angle cut.  


  • Install the top or header piece first. This will allow you to adjust your side casing miters is needed. Now you can measure to the top of the installed casing or set it against the wall backwards and mark the top. 


  • Cut the side piece and check the fit. You may need to make slight angle adjustments to get the miter to fit tightly. Do this by moving the angle of your miter saw in the direction you need.


  • Glue each miter cut with wood glue, this will help in keeping the cut tight as the wood expands and contracts. 


  • Nail the trim in place with a finish nails or a pneumatic trim nailer. A light gauge brad nailer works extremely well for this as the hole it leaves is very small and easy to fill with putty.  Nail spacing should be no more than 16” on center. You don’t want the trim to rattle on the door.


  • Fill all the nail heads with the appropriate material and finish paint or staining of the door and trim if you haven’t already done so.  

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