Building Code Topics

This section is based on the Michigan Residential Building Code. This code is patterned after the International Residential Code with some changes.  Always verify with your local jurisdiction to see what code your area has implemented and all code clarification. This is a discussion board and is NOT intended to be used as a code guide.

Fire Rated Door

MRC Section 309.1

Door Sill For Handicap

MBC 1008.1.6

Doors at the top of stairs

MRC Section 311.5.4.

Landings at the bottom of stairs

MRC Section 311.5.4

Handrail Height

MRC R311.5.6

Minimum Door Sizes

MRC Section 311.4.2.1

Required Exit Door

MRC Section 311.4.1

Exit Door Size and Type

MRC Section 311.4.2

Glass In Doors

MRC Section 308.4

Top Plate

MRC Section 602.3.2

Egress Window Well

MRC Section 310.2

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