Faster installation time
-- increase productivity of yourself or people on your payroll. Complete your interior door install in 70-80% less time than the conventional method!

Easy adjustment--slotted holes and using screws make adjusting superior to nailing. Once nails are in place it is often difficult or impossible to adjust with out damage.

Complete work form one side of door-- this has always been problem with pre-hung door installation. In order to square the jamb with the door it must be in place. It is also impossible to add wood shims from the opposite side of the door with out a second person or opening the door. Complete your work from the side of the door you need to be on.... the hinge/ reveal side.
Less Clean-up time-- No more sweeping up broken wood shim splinters. In fact there is no need to cut them off in the first place. Use time more productively by installing more doors.

Fewer call backs or adjustments-- when door is hung true to it's opening from the start there is less likely a chance it will need adjustments.
Improve the quality of workmanship-- door reveal and clearances are much easier to make consistent. Doors will look and swing better in the opening. Less nailing in the face of the jamb will mean less repair of nail holes.

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