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Benefits for Retailers

In today’s economy, businesses need to use innovation to bring customers into their stores and to purchase their products.  Any store can sell doors.  You now can offer them a “fool proof” way to hang a door. Offer a service centered approach to your customers projects, in addition to just door products.  Increase your sales and improve customer relations. Do wish you could cut down on money wasted by sending out your company representatives; only to get on the site to find the real problem was with the door installation? Start adding to your bottom line and contact us for dealer status and pricing.

We also have a retail store locator page. This page allows customers looking for a local retailer to purchase EZ-HANG™ from you. We will help in getting our customers into your store and hopefully become your customer also. Wouldn't it be great to sell doors to people looking to install them? Get your business on our Retail Locations page and start selling more doors today!

Single door packs come with hanging tabs and strips for use on pegs or endcaps.

Retail packing comes with hanging strips and p.o.s. literature


Do it Best

Are you a Do it Best store? EZ-HANG™ is available at all RSC locations. Place your order through your Retail Service Center now! Feel free to contact us with questions 231-854-HANG (4264). Product ID# 160253


"Hello from Big Sky Country,

I had to let you know that Great Falls Lumber, a Do It Best store, ordered the kit and I installed the door as advertised. I was impressed on how well, and relatively easy the door installed and was very pleased. Such a simple, but innovative, kit makes life so much easier for the novice.Have a Montana Kind of Day.

C. Sampedro
Great Falls, Montana"

Keim Lumber




“EZ-HANG™ has done very well for us since we began stocking them last November. The brackets work great and make door hanging a much simpler and less time consuming task. The EZ-HANG website is also a tremendous resource for helping customers to understand how to use the product in various applications,"

Matt -  Keim Lumber



Pro buildTimberroots

EZ-HANG™ is now available at Pro-Build. Contact us with your PO today @ 231 854 HANG (4264)! SKU# 219358. EZ-HANG™ is also availble through your Timberroots Distubution Center.

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