Benefits for Homeowners

Sometimes you want to tackle that door hanging project on your own.  Let there be no reason to fear how to hang a door any longer.  This system allows you to have the confidence to install doors wherever you need.  

Want to replace that problem door someone has been complaining  about? Need help with that new French door you just purchased?  Are you finishing or remodeling in the basement?  Maybe you have even taken on the task of building your own home.  Rather than hiring an expensive professional - even if you have never hung a door in your life - EZ-HANG™ is for you! 

Believe it; you can and will hang a door like a pro or a seasoned DIY.  There is no easier or quicker way to complete your door project. With EZ-HANG™, you’ll have all the components (7 brackets and all screws), installation instructions and door hanging tips you’ll need.  So take that Saturday morning and spend a little time installing a door and a lot of time just kicking back, watching that big game, or take that special someone to dinner with the time and money saved. Contact us with questions.

Read one of our Customer Quotes:

I must say I was a bit skeptical when I first reviewed EZ Hang door brackets. I decided to give it a shot since I know how time consuming and difficult it can be hanging a door the traditional way by yourself. I AM GLAD I DID! The door was very easy to hang by myself and realtively quick (about 5 to 10 min – and I am not a carpenter). All I needed was a level and screw-gun. The only advice I have is make sure you have the torque on the screwgun set on the low side. Trimming the door out afterwards was not a problem – brackets did not interfere with the installation. I would absolutely recommend EZ Hang Door Brackets to anyone. My only regret is I did not invent this system. 
J. Mysliwiec


Do it BestPurchase EZ-HANG™ at Do it Best! Contact your local Do it Best store for availability today.  If they don't have them in stock, let them know EZ-HANG™ is available at their Retail Service Center location.


Pro build

Purchase EZ-HANG™ at Pro-Build. Contact your local Pro-Build for availability today.  If they don't have them in stock, let them know EZ-HANG™ is available and at  their Timberroots Distribution location.

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