EZ-HANG™ is a new and innovative product that allows anyone to install a door with amazing speed and accuracy.  Our product was invented by a contractor with over 22 years of experience in home building and remodeling.  Randy is a builder by trade. He saw the need for a quick, easy, accurate and economical solution to the perpetual problem of difficult door installations. 

Through this process he has tried, tested and perfected a system that provides you with the best solution to an old problem.  Randy is also willing to share his knowledge of solved problems with Do-it-Yourselfers and builders through this site. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for an easier way to install a door or a contractor looking for ways to improve efficiencies on the job, we know you will benefit from our interactive approach to learning how to install a door yourself.  Even retailers and door manufacturers can add value to their customer’s purchases by offering them EZ- HANG™.

Always looking toward the future, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive and informative site with easy to understand, useful information, tips and answers.  We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions. Check our our Tech Corner where you can look up various building terms in our building dictionary or visit our building codes pages to see how codes could apply to your project. Contact us today with any of your questions. 

EZ-HANG™ Mission Statement

Since its conception in 2006, EZ-HANG door's values have not changed.

Our goal is to provide builders, homeowners, and business-owners alike with a fast, efficient, low cost, trouble-free system for the installation of pre-hung doors. 

EZ-HANG maintains an exceptionally strong commitment to innovation, for it is within the discipline of innovation that yesterday's stale monotony becomes tomorrow's improvement. We strive to identify things which, when made better, improve productivity.

But it's more than just innovation. We aim for excellence in everything we do. From our business integrity to our customer service. Having a "good quality product" is merely a foundation on which our business rests.

As our company grows, we aim to be a nationally recognized brand, through service, quality, and by providing useful information that will improve the productivity of our customers, and/or their business. EZ-HANG strives to do this without losing the small business feel of service and quality, for we know that even big business needs small business values.

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