EZ-HANG™ is a SEVEN bracket door installation system, we hold one patent and have another pending. It allows a person of virtually any skill level to install a door. Do-It-Yourselfers - Homeowners, builders and even a novice hanging a door for the first time can be assured a "perfect fit every time", all this and you don't need to use wood shims in your interior or exterior door installation. 

You can hang french doors, double doors, hollow core doors, solid core doors all with amazing speed and accuracy! The best part... you won't have any more money invested than a typical shim installation. Not to mention your interior door install will go 70-80% faster.Our system makes it simple for one person to easily complete a door replacement or a new door install. Instead of frustration; give yourself a pat on the back and complete that home improvement project with a smile on your face.

Our system utilizes a seven bracket system for a couple of reasons. The first is strength. It's really a simple engineering concept. Triangles are strong, this concept dates all the way back to when the Egyptians built the pyramids, since then triangles have been used to create roof trusses, roof systems and even large span bridge construction projects. When a top bracket is installed, a triangle is created with the EZ-HANG™ top hinge bracket and the latch side top bracket. This top jamb bracket is also on a 90 degree angle with all the hinge side brackets and all the latch side brackets.  This will add strength and longevity to the installation, and for heavy or solid core doors, this will aid to keep the door from sagging over time.
The second reason, once a pre-hung unit is built, it's stood up and the weight of door is transfered to the side jambs. This added weight is on the jambs from the warehouse, shipping and the retail outlet. With this weight of the door added to the side jambs, often times the top or head jamb tends to bow. It's not a big deal when using the EZ-HANG™ seven bracket system, just adjust the head jamb as needed and secure it with EZ-HANG™. No trying to fuss with trying to remove it when installing trim. When you use  EZ-HANG™ you'll have enough brackets to secure and install all three jambs on your doors. The hinge side, latch side and the top!

EZ-HANG™ is a patented product covered under the following patents US 7,716,886   8,333,359   6,293,061 and patents pending

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